HR AT EVEREST is your one-stop HR service provider. We are proud to announce our new creation of methods to improve productivity in the workplace.

On the 8th of June 1924, George Mallory and Sandy Irvine were the first two men to reach the summit of Mount Everest. They followed certain procedures and strategies that took them straight to the top. The wildest dream; Conquest of Everest; Mark MacKenzie; 2009.

Today HR AT EVEREST follows the same concepts and we see Mount Everest as a symbol of inspiration to provide employees and companies with the right gear to take them straight to the top. It is fun; Easy to follow; Bold and Energetic! By implementing the right HR processes and systems we will lead all career climbers to their very limits of excellence and make sure your company reaches the top. It doesn’t have to be a dream but it can become a destination…

People who would like to achieve the highest level possible in their careers need to have the right gear on their way up the mountain of success. HR AT EVEREST will play a key part in showing these people what gear to use and how to use it to achieve their goals.

Success is not a peak to arrive at, but a manner of climbing; it is a direction, not a place.